Notes From The Wild: The Nature Recording Experience


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Recordist/Credit: Bernie Krause

Bernie's personal adventure, presented here from his first published book, and told though his private field journal notes, invites us along on a musician's exploration into the natural world. Krause's journey, toward blazing a trail in 'bio-acoustics', begins with recollections from childhood -- and proceeds through the philosophical and scientific inquiries formed by his mindful observations in the wild. His story is compelling and entertaining. Read by the author, with additional sound and music clips from Krause's own unique audio archive.

"Notes from the Wild is a wondrous story of the meaning of music and sounds of our natural environment. Bernie's research into the subtleties of animal and insect sounds is unparalleled, but it is his description of the radical changes that were taking place on this planet that really makes one stop and wonder. Listen carefully, for the sounds you hear may never be the same again." 

-Sir George Martin

Producer, The Beatles 

"a unique and exciting story of persistence, success, and adventure. You will understand in a new and compelling way why it is so important to save what is left of the wild places. Don't miss this experience. Please read this book."

- Jane Goodall

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49-minute audio book delivered in 192 kpbs MP3 format. This can be listened to on your home computer, burned to a CD, or enjoy it on your iPod or other MP3 player.