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Performed by Nez Perce elders, Oscar Broncheau, Cyrus Red Elk, Jim Morris, The last three surviving members-- from the original 1920s group of 26 members -- here perform traditional ceremonial music of their tribe. This rare performance was recorded, on location at the Nez Perce Reservation, Lapwai, Idaho, in 1972 by B. Krause and R. Primes. This music is their legacy. Over 20 years later, Krause was awarded a honorary tribal gift - a 'Chief Joseph'-pattern blanket for his work helping preserve and present their astonishing cultural voice. Special thanks to Professor Loran Olsen, WSU, Pullman, for his help and advice; to the Nez Perce Tribal Council for their support during this project, and to the memory of Angus Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson's son, who led us to miraculous places. A portion of proceeds from this album will be paid directly to the Nez Perce Scholarship Fund.


l. Smoke Song (2:13)
2. Slow War Dance (2:43)
3. Circle War Dance (2:17)
4. Soldier Boy Circle Song (2:51)
5. Love Lament (5:13)
6. Duck 'n' Dive (2.59)
7. Prairie Chicken (2:14)
8. Stop Song (2:18)
9. Salute to the Stalwart War Dance (3:50)
10. Seven Drums Discussion and Owl Song (5:17)
11. War Chant (2:48)
12. War Chant (2:26)
13. Lament of the Returning Warriors (1:16)
14. Drummer's Discussion (2:38)
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