Desert Solitudes


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Recordist/Credit: Bernie Krause & Ruth Happel

A Biophony™ Album

Many think of the desert as a wasteland. Hardly. Captured during one spring in the Sonoran/Chihuauan desert, its living creatures call for attention from virtually every unique feature of the land where each has thrived for eons.

Birds: Scaled quail, Bewick's wren, mockingbird, roadrunner, western bluebird, Brewer's blackbird, brown-headed cowbird, western meadowlark, black-throated sparrow, great-tailed grackle, Gambel's quail, lark sparrow, pinyon jay, canyon towhee, Virginia's warbler, rufous-crowned sparrow, juniper titmouse, yellow-headed blackbird, Chihuauan raven, prairie falcon, northern harrier, great-horned owl.

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