Sunrise In Botswana


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Recordist/Credit: Derek Solomon

A Biophony™ Album

Notes from the Recordist: 
GPS Elevation 1800 ft. (546 m). Recorded on 21Feb09 starting at 0545 hrs.
Chacma Baboons greet the dawn in Mashatu Game Reserve in south-eastern Botswana. Minutes later the bird chorus starts with the loud piping call of a Grey Hornbill. Fork-tailed Drongo, Red-billed Buffalo Weavers, Cape Turtle & Laughing Doves compete with the hornbill. Other sunrise birds include Black-headed Oriole, Natal and Swainson's Spurfowl, Dark-backed Puffback and Meves's Starling. The baboons bark again in the background a while later. A Tropical Boubou calls 'poop' at regular intervals and a Crested Barbet starts its alarm clock call. Other birds include a flock of Red-billed Quelea flying overhead, Southern Black Tit, Green Pigeon, and a Grey Go-away-bird. As more Go-away-birds arrive, several give their growling contact calls followed by a Yellow-billed Hornbill calls.

A Woodland Kingfisher gives a loud trill as it displays from the top of tall tree. A little later a Fork-tailed Drongo gives several harsh notes. Other birds include a African Paradise Flycatcher and Red-eyed Doves, who start to call. Southern Carmine Bee-eaters also call as they fly overhead.

A Pied Kingfisher flies past and a Diederick Cuckoo calls in the background a little later. The loud piercing calls are from a flock of Meyer's Parrots followed by a Hadeda Ibis.

The Meves's Starlings react to a predator in bushes across river and several Grey Go-away-birds to help harass what might be a snake or a mongoose. They are then joined by a family of Arrow-marked Babblers helping to mob the predator. All three species call together and then a Yellow-billed Hornbill starts its kok-kok call.

Every now and then, a Golden-tailed Woodpecker gives a single note. A Tree Squirrel gives its chucking alarm call and then several give contact calls. Other calls come from a party of Yellow-breasted Apalis, a Dark-capped Bulbul, Black-backed Puffback. At the end the Drongo's display above the riverbed and a Boubou cries out. Then Red-eyed Dove. A Swainson's Spurfowl takes alarm and flies off.
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