Chippewa Nights


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Recordist/Credit: Curt Olson

A Biophony™ Album

Curt Olson has the rare gift of transforming the biophonies of Central and Northern Minnesota in Americaメs Midwest, into lovely soundscapes. This one, from a remote lake in the Chippewa National Forest, provides an especially poignant sense of place with an unusual story that unfolded in the spring of 2008. Aside from tail slaps, beaver vocalizations have been especially difficult to record. A bit more than 32 minutes into this recording, as the sun goes down, a beaver swims in solitary circles around the small lake where where forest management workers had dynamited his lodge earlier that afternoon. In the process, not only was the animalメs home destroyed but probably its offspring and mate, as well. It is one of the most remarkable lamentations ヨ a cry for sanity ヨ in any of these collections.

Birds: Rose-breasted Grosbeak; Black-and-White Warbler; various other unspecified Warblers , Canada Goose; various unspecified Ducks; Pilleated Woodpecker; Baltimore Oriole; American Robin; Common Loon; Swamp Sparrow; Wilson's Snipe (winnowing); Red-Winged Blackbird; Common Yellowthroat; Common Loon; Canada Goose; Thrush; Veery; Oven Bird; American Robin; Warbling Veerio; Trumpeter Swan; Catbird; Yellow-Bellied Sap Sucker; Winter Wren; Black and White Warbler; Black-Capped Chickadee; Blue Jay; Kinglet; Rose-breasted Grosbeak; White-throated Sparrow

Reptiles: Spring Peeper, Leopard Frog

Mammals: Pine Squirrel, Beaver